Jawindi Tomb Watercolor Painting

Jawindi Tomb painted by Hashim Ali

Bibi Jawindi, the great granddaughter of the saint Jahaniyan Jahangasht, was known for her piety. Her tomb is considered one of the most important, and the most ornate, sites in the town of Uch, which was the centre of Sufism under the Delhi sultanate. In plan it is octagonal on the exterior, with the interior walls angled to form a circle. The thick walls rise to two stories, transforming by way of squinches into a sixteen-sided drum upon which a dome sits, supported by bell-shaped brackets. Both the interior and exterior walls are decorated with a profusion of faience revetment. The tomb is in poor condition.

Khan, Ahmad Nabi. 1980. Uchchh: History and Architecture. Islamabad: National Institute of Historical and Cultural Research. pp. 65-67.

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